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Impressions clicks views?

Please can anybody elaborate these terms ?

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You can increase your gig imprecations and click, you have to use attractive title and tag based on your services also you can increase your gig imprecations by using social share.

I think another best way is you will send “Buyer Requests” everyday to related you service that you are providing then your gig imprecations, click and view automatically will increased.


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The gentleman who seemed to give the most layman’s terms explanation of this is senor @landongrace. :thumbsup:


Thankyou so much for your help i will listen to it for sure :slight_smile:

Dear Nida:

I’d recommend that you READ the transcript (the link I sent you).

If you prefer to LISTEN, I’d recommend you find the podcast episode.

Good luck,

Thats the least helpful answer one could provide. Probably because you didn’t read and understand the question. Please don’t speak up unless you really know what you are talking about. Thx

For others looking for the same answer (i.e.; me) here is the relevant info from the link provided.

To save others the hassle.

“impressions” are basically the amount of times you have shown up inside a search result.
“views” is how many times your gig has been clicked and viewed in the last 30 days.
“clicks” is when someone unique has actually clicked your Gig from the search or browse pages

EDITED: reread the transcript to better understand the difference between “views” and “clicks”

Also worth noting:
If you have 1200 clicks on one of your Gigs but 2700 views. The views are the total amount of views your Gig had, but this amount isn’t unique. The 1200 is the number of people who clicked, possibly multiple times.

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Because no other Fiverr member could be bothered to actually take the time and answer the OPs question (one that I too was looking for an answer to) its a safe bet that others in the future will be looking for same answer so I took the time to summarize to save everyones time and be you know, actually helpful. Unlike yourself.

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Or you could just Google it and read Fiverr’s official explanation.

We all know the answer because we did just that.