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Impressions Curiosity

How many impressions do you have on your most viewed gig?
Is it the gig, you earn more money from?
In this way we can say how much importance the impressions have.

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About 150-250 impressions per day on my translation gig, which is my bestseller as the average order value is much higher.

My proofreading gig gets about half, but it converts much better. It gets around the same number of clicks, and about 23% of those clicks turn into orders. Probably because it is cheaper, and the thumbnail makes it clear to the buyer that it is cheap.

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That’s really good. In my case I get the same amount of impressions like you, but my only 5% of the clicks are orders. Perhaps because my service is not that cheap.

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My best-selling gig, around 400-600 impressions a day, an average of about 8 clicks a day, of which I receive on average an order or two every other day. My prices are fairly high compared to my competitors and I’ve yet to make the gig video I’ve wanted to make for a while, also the songs I have on the preview aren’t that representative of how much my production has improved so I also need to change those.

So, I could definitely be making a lot more sales but I’m ok with where I’m at right now, just haven’t taken out the time to re-work the gig.

As for my other two gigs, it’s been pretty bad, I had to delete my mixing/mastering gig since I wanted to change the name so that it would change the URL and that was a pretty big mistake, I experimented with different tags and completely lost whatever positioning I had before, I can’t say I’ve made much of an effort since then, and my sample pack gig is pretty expensive and I’m pretty happy with how it’s presented so it’s just a matter of interest and time.