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Impressions decrease, gig metadata issues, fiverr algorithm and customer support epic fail

Hello everyone at Fiverr’s respected community! Here is my long story of a big issue on fiverr which I still cannot resolve. From a basic ask for help with impressions it all came to gig deletion and a warning. So here is my story

It all started when I’ve decided to change my gig packages prices In my second best selling gig (>1000$ revenue in 3 months). I’ve received 300 daily impressions and usually 1 order in 3-4 days and tons of messages about this gig daily so I’ve decided to raise a price a little bit and also added 2 extras. I’m a level 2 seller and offer my services in music promotion category of gigs.

Basically in this gig I was offering to post a native ads in niche music communities in biggest Russian social network (Russian Facebook). So people send me their music, I research for a place (a specific community) where it fits best, combine all their info in one post and then post it there for a big audience of people who like such kind of music. This service was super great, I had almost 30 highest (5.0) ratings, people were super happy about my service.

But after price change my gig got from 300 impressions to 10, and all of my music promotion gigs too got a crazy decrease in impression numbers. I know that its not very good practice making changes in gigs so I’ve decided to ask for customer support. AND IT WAS A TERRIBLY WRONG MOVE!

I’ve asked what happened with impressions and received a message from tech support team lead Yoav a message that my gig status is active and everything is fine with it. And also a ton of generic info about Fiverr’s gig policy. This is not the type of answer you want to receive in this kind of situation, right? So I’ve asked again - what’s wrong with my gig and what is the reason of impressions decrease?

The other guy named Ben told me that he understood my answer and sent this gig to a relevant team for a review. Ok, that sounded better than the previous message from tech support. While waiting I’ve decided to check my gigs myself and then got REALLY CONFUSED. in the very first window “overview” I saw a red sign that some gig metadata was missing. It appeared that some new sub categories of music promotion were implemented e.g. “service type” and 4 more options: “musical platform”, “musical genre”, “target country” and “channel”. I’ve checked that when I was changing prices and there were no such thing that time. Which means that fiverr updated some gig metadata in my category but haven’t notified my about it. And because of missing metadata my gig got a significant decrease in impressions. So better go and check you gig right now.

I’ve entered all the required info and saved the gig changes. But soon after a while I got these notifications from Fiverr:

  1. two of my gigs got suspended and required changes (the best selling one because of “unclear” description of services from Fiverr’s support point of view and the second one because of the external URL in gig description - it was a long video uploaded in google drive where I was explaining what I do exactly in this gig)
  2. the other gig was just denied (I was offering reviews of artists bandcamp pages)
  3. I got a warning for a violation of TOS and “wider internet community rules” What?!

Ben told me that the relative team reviewed my gigs and asked me to clarify in which places I post my potential clients music. I would happily post urls of these communities in the gig description but it violates the fiverr TOS so I could only tell people that I’ll post their music there. So I’ve changed the description and sent my gig for moderation

also bandcamp reviews gig was denied, I know about past fiverr issues with amazon, but when it comes to music - music journalism and reviews is a crucial part of promotion campaigns, people pay a lot of money to get their music heard by gatekeepers and blog owners and so on and all these people leave their reviews on third party services. It how this world works. But never mind, I was really bothered about my best seller gig…

Also I’ve asked Ben about this metadata changes issue and no notification received about it from fiverr side. He told me that he is not responsible for that. Ok. BUT After my message to Ben I really did receive a notice from fiverr with a suggestion to change my gig description metadata wise. Right in time! (joking)

I’ve changed the other gig with external url on g drive putting YouTube link instead of gdrive (Ben have sent me the link about how fiverr advises to manage the gigs, and there was a list of external urls which are allowed to use)

After a while Ben told me that this best selling gig required even more clarification about where exactly I’m making these posts. I told that in “public groups” in social networks. And after that message these 2 gigs were denied (read deleted). I was like “What the hell happened?” Ben told me that it is not allowed to post in public groups. Which does not correspond with Fiverr’s recent gig metadata update where fiverr offers to choose on which platform seller does promotion and one of their suggestions is “communities”. which is the same as “public groups”. Also I’ve checked FAQ about ads in these communities and this “third party” (as Fiverr refer to was completely ok with native ads in these communities (there must be only 3 ads a day which is perfectly fine with me, I don’t need more)

I’ve asked Ben about it and why my gigs are still denied if I really do not violate any rules with this gig and asked to send me excerpts from fiverr guidelines where “it is not allowed to post in public groups” and the answer was:

The guidelines I was referring to are related to internal procedures, and I will not be able to share any additional information when it comes to that.”

This is making me even more confused… So they denied my gig and not telling me why exactly. And I’m loosing my income right now!

So I’m asking Fiverr’s respected community and Fiverr’s management to help me out in this situation. Maybe you know some one except Ben from Fiverr’s management who can help me with this issue!

And last but not least: I really appreciate fiverr for their incredible services for both buyers and sellers and a possibility to have an income during this pandemic times (I’ve lost my job as event manager) and really enjoying what I do here. So please let me continue do what I love here.

Thanks for reading till the end.

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Dear Fiverr team, my goal is not escalate the conflict, but the return of the number of views, which was, and, accordingly, the number of orders. Ben deleted my Gig, which made me a significant revenue. Please, either return the Gig, or give me a clear algorithm that I should change in the current Gig so that it is viewed with the same frequency as the deleted. Thank you!

So Ben keeps sending me controversial answers: screenshots bellow

but how his answer corresponds to the gig description? can somebody explain?

if its organic promotion, than it means organic traffic in social platforms and I suppose it means “communities” and “groups”…

Some new updates from Ben and me. Still very confusing. Please check it out!

his answer:

can anybody explain this group / community mess? and send me the excerpt from guidelines where its stated that its not allowed to promote in groups. And the difference between them.???

That’s my answer to Ben:

and a proof of that public groups I post are communities

lets see what happens next

ok, here is another answer, now from Peter. Still confusing

No, it doesn’t clear things up at all. So what’s the difference between community and group. Where is it stated in the guidelines that communities must be private?

So here is my reply:

so I’ve got desperate and have sent the message about this issue to fiverr’s COO. I’ve found her on LinkedIn. after that I’ve received another robotic message from Peter (below)

Also I’ve opened new request in tech support about Ben but received no answer for already 3 days I think…

Anyways today, few hours ago I’ve received a notification in my fiverr app that my gig is live. FINALLY! Don’t know what was the exact reason of bringing back my gig but now its done which is good. But what about almost 14 days of struggling with impressions, fiverr tech support and wasted time? Still no feedback from Fiverr