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IMPRESSIONS decreasing day by day


Dear friends,
I need your help. All my gigs are less IMPRESSIONS than ever. In the final few days, I’ve successfully completed several orders and get a good reviews. but now IMPRESSIONS decreasing day by day. What is the cause of this? Please check this out and help me fix this. I hope you will help me.
Thank you…


Are you kidding? You’re complaining because one of your gigs has 1,900 impressions!? Or, based upon what you listed there… an average of 828 impressions across all five gigs! Three of those impression stats are even ON THE RISE! :roll_eyes:

Seriously. Those are not bad stats. There is nothing wrong with those impressions.

Come back and complain when all of those numbers show zeroes.


thanks you your comment. but what’s the reason decreasing day by day. see attached


Yup ! You are right ! My Impressions have also drop tremendously .
I am not sure why I am completing orders on time getting 5 star reviews .

what I have noticed is now gigs are rotating on every refresh .
For example : If your gig shows up on first page then chances are your gigs my rotate upto three pages and if your gig is on second page chances are your gig might rotate upto 8 pages. So everytime a buyer enters a particular section new gigs shows up .

May be they are testing there new algorithm . But overall its really effecting the clicks, Views and Impressions rate as compared to previous months statistics.


I have no idea. This is question I cannot answer.


Mine are down too on some gigs since around February 20:

and this one down since Feb. 28

This has definitely impacted my earnings. I don’t recall seeing a decrease like this before. It might have something to do with the testing of the “guarantee” announcement on gigs now.

Notice how the line is so flat since it went down. None of the peaks and valleys.
The gigs are not bouncing around in the listings. They are flat, in the same bad place.


Thanks for essential post I face same problem.


I have said it before, but I will say it again. I rarely look at all the gig impressions, clicks, and so on. There are so many other things that are more productive to do. :roll_eyes:


Including watching cat videos. :smiley_cat:


can you explain the other things plz


Or you can sit around and be bored or sad. :laughing:


Same problem since 20th of February. Tried every possible solution but all in vain :frowning:


I don’t usually look at impressions but since there has been such a huge drop in sales and messages I looked.


seriously, 1.9k impression!! is it bad? My highest impression is 700 let alone lowest one.


its good try to increase them…


Do you have an idea for how to do this? :ear:


This keeps on happening on daily basis! Basically when I was new on Fiverr I too was continuously checking my GIG rank and impressions but I remember @misscrystal quoted “I never check such things” and I too from last 3 months have never checked anything.

Only thing you need to focus is your work quality and if you are not getting orders do social share and user Buyer request section, rest you can leave up to God :slight_smile:


I’ve had the same happen to me to!

The impressions have gone down dramatically.


Look, if your impressions are going down then it means most likely someone else is serving your customers.
The question you should be asking is “What am I doing to improve my impressions?”.

My impressions are going up & down all the time. When my impressions are going down then usually it’s because I haven’t delivered anything in a while.
If there’s a drop that I can’t explain then most likely it’s because my competition is upping their game.
This post might come in handy.


If we have the same gig only a lite version and a deluxe version both gigs get buried in the listings. If they both use the same main keyword they are not visible.