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Impressions Down, Hopes High

Since the first of October, maybe kinda before that, my sales have and impressions have been down, but that can easily be due to the fact that I had a cancellation, upped my prices, and a large number of things. Luckily, I am still earning enough on here and on the side to make ends meet. Side hustles are amazing, if you don’t know what they are, look them up on YouTube. The Financial Diet has a great video on them.

This is why I constantly say to not put all of your eggs in a single basket. If sales go down below your baseline, if you don’t have a secondary source of income, you’re screwed. Having only one source of income and getting fired or having your hours cut is the main reason people go into debt and take out personal loans.

I have several different sources of revenue and rely on all of them to help me be more flexible and to make sure that if something happens, I am never without some form of income.

How has your week been on Fiverr? Do you have side hustles?


You should be patient on Fiverr Lucy. You shouldn’t have raised your prices, I think that’s the mistake you made. Wait for at least 1 year before you do that again.


Will do, but I was being pressured by a lot of writers close to me that I was not offering a high enough price for my services. Even now they think I am accepting breadcrumbs for the cost of a full loaf.


The trick here on Fiverr is to find a happy medium between what you think you are worth, and what the Fiverr market will support. Every market is different. Fiverr is a lower-end market… it’s okay to charge prices that appeal to this market, just as long as you’re still earning a profit doing so. :slight_smile:


If you want to succeed in any business, you have to listen to your customers and give them what they want. You have to take your own decisions based on hard evidence. Not because of what someone - friend or family - tells you. They may have your best interest at heart, but only you know what’s good for you.


I understand… so do you think I should lower my prices again to where they were previously?


I don’t know Lucy, you should do whatever you need to do to make money and earn a living on Fiverr. Only you know what’s right for you, don’t just listen to others.


I really wouldn’t lower your prices. again. Maybe wait until the end of the month and add a new $5 gig if you feel you have made a mistake.

If I could go back in time, I would never sell anything for $5. There is a presumption that everyone needs to start off at $5 and work up after proving their worth. In reality, however, if you price yourself the same as someone who can’t string a sentence together, you’re basically saying to people that you provide that same basic level of quality.

I’ve seen what a lot of supposedly good/ok writers produce and in the majority of cases, I’ve found the quality appalling.

I did see a decline in sales after raising my own prices. However, eventually, it will balance out again. Stick with it and use any low sale periods to think of new ways to improve and add to your services.

This time last year I would have been sat on my tablet having just written 10 x $5 articles for a grand total of $40. Today I’ve done less than half that amount of work and made $40 while still having time to work on a big project off-Fiverr.

Time and how you use it is your most important commodity and you seem to be using your time in all the right ways. Keep on working the way you are and you will be fine.


Yes, I have a side hustle, I am a professional website builder and developer.
I build mobile applications too.
I a gym instructor too
And a writer too.
Now learning FOREX

That is awesome! I love it when people have many sources of income, and not just one! I am currently getting out of the “one source” mindset myself

Thanks a lot, I actually learn from this reply, when I first join Fiverr last month, when I was not getting sales, I was tempted to drop down my price but I didn’t and I am have sales now gradually.


I had given up on everything I did to earn an income even before I found fiverr, but I had fun repairing an old automatic gate motor this week.

Thinking seriously of getting back into that. :slight_smile:


How long it took to get first project in fiverr?

The Writing Niche is very competitive, of course increasing the price would hurt the gigs. I suggest reverting some of the gigs back to their original prices.

One more thing that you do is to reduce the number of words written and maintain the same rate.

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I did that mistake before! and I had near to no orders :frowning:
Then I lowered my prices again and AFTER A WHILE orders came like rain :slight_smile:

The solution in my view is, keep your price relatively low but the delivery time longer :wink:
Believe me, people will start to buy the extra fast delivery which will make you feel better!


Can u please guide me on this i need to improve my gigs to get some projects