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Impressions Dropped Off A Cliff! - WHY?

Hello Fiverr Forum Reader/Posters,

I am relatively new to Fiverr with a couple of Gigs live for the last month or so.

My Gig was gaining traction in impressions and sales and I had kept up strong reviews and very few cancellations (Only 2 cancellations and these were both mutually agreed).

However, as per my screenshot attached - On 25 Nov my impressions dropped off a cliff and are yet to recover. I went from receiving an order almost every day to not receiving one since the 25 Nov drop off.

I have tried improving my Gig, adding better pictures, uploading a PDF and writing the Q&A section, but I’ve not seen any turn-a-round in either impressions or orders.

Do you know why this has happened? Or how I can return to the fairly strong and consistent growth I was seeing for most of November?



I am experiencing the same problem and my gigs have been gaining some traction for a month now but suddenly my impressions have dropped and no more orders, no replies from buyer’s request too. Does anyone know why this is happening


Well I was removed from search during November, and it continues in December as well. So my impressions plummeted. I know they allow others some exposure too, but still, being fully removed from search is rather extreme.

try to get more impressions.
on your android fiverr count your one week impressions and clicks
for example on sunday it will count 07 days i.e.
sat, sun, mon, tue, wed, thu, fri

next day it will add next Saturday but will remove the first Saturday
if you got 100 impressions on last day but u will lost the impressions of first day.
this is basic formula needs to undstand


I can understand your problems. I am facing exactly the same problems. Despite holding positive reviews, I still am unable to get any orders, nor gaining any impressions. Many are suggesting to promote the gigs on social media, but that doesn’t help either.


solution is more impressions and clicks


But how? If our gigs are not showing anywhere, where will we gain impressions and clicks from?

It is clear from your picture, that you made some changes on a gig. When you changed something (picture, price, description,…) you downranked in fiverr searc.

Look at Simmilar thing happened to me when I did some changes… I just posted today Increasing gig price drop of rankings we are going to learn the hard way…once you have the gig going you should not temper with it :slight_smile: Hope we can get back up…

You made a change here that affected your Search Results…why does it sometimes happen and sometimes not…I dont know…

As said I fell from 1-4 position on first page to currently 10th page after I made some changes… and My gig ha 170+ positive reviews…


Same here.
It seems that they are allowing others to get visibility.
Also, the launch of promoted gigs may have some sort of influence here.
Having no way to clarify the reason is somethig that Fiverr has to work in very hard and take it seriously.
I’ve seen something similar happened with Airbnb.
Booking grew exponentially because of this.
Hope they sort this issue out, because is harming our businesses and, at the end of the day, they might hurt them too.


Thank you to everyone who has replied and especially so quickly!

It appears there are 2 issues here:

  1. I did update the Gig description on the 25 Nov. I IMPROVED the description by giving a more detailed explanation of my services. I did not expect this would result in a downturn in impressions.

  2. There was an algorithm change that has impacted many Fiverr users.

My only question remaining is what can we do about it? How are you all managing it?


I understand.

I did update the Gig description on the 25 Nov. I IMPROVED the description by giving a more detailed explanation of my services. I did not expect this would result in a downturn in impressions.

How are you trying to improve the rankings?


What can you do? Same as you did when you started… Nothing else :confused:

Same here. After getting level 1 no order. feeling upset.


It’s alright…you’ll get more. Just be patient


Thanks my dear. keep me in your prayer. :heart: :heart: :heart:


I am facing the same problem! I daily promote my GIG on social media pages, I’ve added a stunning video on my gig page, modified the keywords, but from the end of November my impressions are falling down. It is really strange since I continue to receive positive reviews in my last remaining active orders…

Oh yes and here is official explanation from their team…from customer support because my gig was also inactive.

This is so sad…They say that currently somebody is higher position than I am, and what I did is only change the description a bit…come on please :slight_smile:

Editing your gig is the mistake, the moment you edit it starts ranking from the scratch


may be this reason…

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This can happen if your seller level goes up. For example, let’s say that you are a new seller, if you become a level one seller, for whatever reason, your gig might not get as many orders for a little bit. This problem should fix itself soon though. Good luck! :slight_smile: