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Impressions dropped to Zero at once

I am new to Fiverr for the last 2 months I get an average of this many impressions a day but it dropped to zero out on nowhere. Can someone help me what could be the reason for this as I have not even changed anything or edited my Gig.

I have experienced similar issue it will go up eventually it may be caused by (that’s just my hypotesis based on my experience just my opinion):
-you have not completed some order in time
-your response time is slow lately

  • basically some customer was unhappy with delievery and rated it low (there is this thing where you can share your opinion about order privately to fiverr)
    -maybe you got some bad review
  • OR THERE IS JUST NO REASON there are some new gigs sellers and fiverr from time to time will give them a chance and they are postioned high so someone has to go low.
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nothing to worry
may be on any specific day your impressions are zero, and still there is possibility that next day your impressions can be higher


its routine. sometimes good number of impressions and some time low.
just concentrate on replying buyers requests daily

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more important is quality of work. and representation of your abilities through gig

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