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Impressions fall and rise back up!

Impressions fall and rise back up. I have been working for a long time, but recently orders have stopped coming in. I noticed that my gig is on the first page on the site in the category, and after 3-4 days it disappears, and is at the very end of the list, thereby falling views and clicks, and this is not the first time. Who faced with this please tell me what to do. Thanks


It’s called Gig Rotation.

Fiverr moves Gigs around to make it fair for everyone.

There are a few million freelancers here.

They all want to be on Page One.

Well, that’s just impossible so Gigs get moved around so you are on Page One for awhile, then I’m on Page One for a while, and so on.

Get it?


Bro, I am facing the same issue with my gigs. four days before my all gigs were on 2nd page and now they all are on last page.
Any one here who can guide us thanks.