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Impressions flatline for a few days after I update my gig?

I recently updated the title, tags, images, description and video on one of my gigs that wasn’t performing too well (it was averaging only 30-50 impressions a day, which ranks among the lowest of all my gigs) and I noticed that upon doing this, it has completely flatlined to zero impressions a day for the last 3 or 4 days but the gig does say that’s it’s active.

Is this normal and will it go back into the rotation at some point, or is something wrong here?


Hey, it will go back into rotation. I usually have 5k daily impressions, but from time to time it lowers to 1k. It’s like… normal. I mean I just wait and after few weeks it goes back to 5k impressions. You just have to wait and focus on other ways to attract customers. As example with social networking.


Thanks for the reply. I just wasn’t sure because I’ve changed things in my gigs before but I’ve never seen the impressions go all the way to zero, so that seemed a bit odd.


That’s fine. All normal, usually you go down in the search engine to leave space for other sellers so the system can test them. What about creating your homepage? you can include a badge there pointing to your Fiverr profile.


I typically don’t put the badge on my homepage only because I also sell on my website and I don’t want to create confusion when a potential client stumbles on my site outside of Fiverr, but I do promote my Fiverr pages on social media.

I don’t know, the site traffic behavior has just been very strange lately. My more popular gigs typically get impressions of 3k-4k and lately that has dropped dramatically too and it’s the first time I’ve seen it go that low in the 4 years I’ve been on the site. Oh well, I guess I have to ride the storm out. I did create some new gigs and update a lot of the older ones so hopefully that will help.