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Impressions from 860 to 0 in 3 days

My gig went from having 860 impressions a day, basically every day, and then in the space of 3 days, it dropped to 0.
I received a 5-star review on each of those days and the only negative review I’ve ever had was 2 months ago.
Whats happening?

As I know, Fiverr want to give chance to new sellers also. That is why they decrease old sellers ranking for few days and give new sellers a chance to prove them. But I am not sure about that

I understand that, and i think its a great thing!
But dropping my impressions to 0 is a bit harsh, at the end of the day this is my livelihood.
Thanks for the reply though!

One more thing I heard from an old seller, he was said that when a buyer gives a bad review on Private Feedback Option. Then Gigs impression decrease for few days. Again I am not sure and I was heard that from an old seller

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