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Impressions from fiverr (last 30 days)


I don’t know where to post this so I thought I might get some answers here.

I recently posted 2 more gigs with video. And now one day after I see that they both have in total

60.000 impressions from fiverr!! I never had such a figure since joining fiverr, but no klicks to my page and also no sales.

I was just wondering what the impressions actually mean and if it is a representative figure?

Reply to @mgjohn78:

Thanks for your swift reply.

But how can it be that I did not have a single click on my product? Because 60.000 impressions and no single klick is a little bit weird to me.

I know it depends on the quality of the title and video/picture, but all my other gigs have far less impressions but still i have some sales and they don’t even have a video.

I was just surprised to see this weird results this morning.

Impressions mean the number of times your gig has been seen in categories, front page and search results.

My guess is your gig has been shown on front page thus people who weren’t looking for your type gig has viewed it.

Reply to @jansmit: You had 60.000 impressions because the most probable you bought some traffic (usually generated with bots).

Reply to @whitehatseo10: That doesn’t mean that at all! Why would anyone buy fake traffic to their gig page, where it’s meaningless?

@jansmit I’ve seen discussions about this before, and some people question the validity of that number. I had a brand new gig supposedly get 78 thousand impressions within only 12 hours of activation! (And no, I didn’t buy traffic!)

My understanding of the figure is it indicates how many times a Fiverr page was viewed/opened on which your gig was listed or mentioned, either on a page of thumbnails or search results. But again, 78K possible views in only a few hours? Especially since what I sell is not in a big, popular category…hard to believe. But maybe that’s not what ‘impressions’ means on Fiverr.

The more important numbers are ‘conversion ratio’ and ‘sales’.

Personally, I never look at those numbers anymore. But some people are very focused on tweaking gigs, trying different SEO tricks, using various keywords, trying to find what works best. Maybe watching the ‘impressions’ helps them decide what works best.

Thank you for your feedback guys, the only thing I know is that the amount of sales didn’t get affected in any way by these impressions, so I am also wondering the validity of these impressions :slight_smile: