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Impressions have suddenly reduced

can somebody please help me in understanding this. By yesterday night I had 822 impressions. but when I checked now it has reduced to 798. Another gig of mine had 148 impressions by yesterday. now i have only 48 in that.
Clicks also have become 0

How and why does that happen?

I would be grateful if someone could help in in this, at your earliest

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Do a SEARCH on the forum for “Impressions down” and you will find that this subject is brought up EVERY DAY and answered already.


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Thank you for helping

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Believe me, you will find a TON of posts on this.

I suggest reading “Welcome to Fiverr 3.0”. That post has a lot of insight about why some sellers Gigs are dropping in impressions.


The best I’ve ever done impression-wise is 355 in a single day for a single gig. All but one of my gigs scrape around 2 to 5 dozen impressions per day.

It still baffles me when people are genuinely worried when their impressions dip from the thousands to a lower amount of thousands, or from several hundred to slightly less several hundred… :neutral_face:

At least I’m getting a decent amount of video orders with the impressions and clicks I do get.