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Impressions on 5.0 Gig


Well this gig is up for a while now and I have around 15 reviews all of them are 5.0 and my impressions are always in minus I don’t get it why I heard that some ppl have around 45k impressions in plus but I get 1k in plus and just go way way down for a month or two and then get back to 1k and again same every month I don’t get it why.


Is that 7-day or 30-day?

I always look at 30-day stats because things simply change too much week-to-week.

And really, I focus on orders/revenue. As long as that’s good, forget the impressions :wink:


I don’t know but all of my impressions have sunk this past month. I have a gig with over 100 reviews 5.0 and it now has impressions in the double digits. :cry:


For new Gigs there is a very good chance to be visible for a while - the name of this chance is ROTATION

It’s omly my opinion