Impressions on my gig without any order


I recently joined fiverr, I have 3 gigs listed presently. I have been having a lot of impression on my gigs without any order. One of my gigs I have 183, on the second, 101 and on the third 40 without any order coming in. Please am I supoose to wait patiently till the first order comes in? Please be of help.


I created video, edited description but still facing the same problem. Now planning to create some more gigs to improve chances to get order! :-?


Looking at your gigs as an average disinterested shopper, I don’t have any real idea of what I would get by buying your gigs. Best guess is that it would be a text file or pdf or web link to some information. But did YOU author that? Or is it info I could get on the web for free anyway? Or is it the same kind of multilevel marketing / PLR articles that others are selling on Fiverr and elsewhere? One gig show an image of a book on weight loss - but i don’t get the feeling that you are shipping an actual printed book to customers.

So for me, the lack of details and the seeming similarity to info available elsewhere give me no compelling reason to order. Nothing personal, just need a better reason to order.

NOTE: My observations are personal opinions and others may disagree with them, but you asked why your gigs are not selling so this is ONE opinion of the first impression they made to me.


I suppose you should focus more on Pageviews and Clicks. They can tell you how many potential customer actually clicked on your gig, and how many clicks they spent on that gig. The Impressions can only tell you how many times your Gig appeared on the search result.

Good luck.


@artemist God knows you can never be a teacher because if you are, most of your student will fail due to condemnation by you. A service could be anything, if the buyer is unsatisfied he can request for a refund or cancellation or so. An opinion was sought for not a condemnation. @sinsin thanks for the info


Please look up the definition of the term “Constructive Criticism”.


Just ran into this, and wanted to point out, I promise you artemist is not trying to be mean. He is simply stating his reasons of why your services would be on no interest to him bluntly. Sometimes, the blunt criticism can sound harsh, but it is more like, to the point, no bull. It could be of interest to someone else, just not him and strangely, that can be good information to learn too, because you don’t want to spin your wheels either, for a small group of people.

Don’t feel discouraged with either your postings, or the tips you gain in here. I only say this because I have received much help in different forums on my web designs in the past and many of the responders give me helpful information that I may not see on my own in a very blunt, straight forward manner. Noone knows you in here, and trust me, for someone to take the time to detail a possible explanation for why something is not working, they must be wanting to try and help you.

What really sucks is when you have questions that NOONE will answer.

As far as your postings, I have not yet begun to sell on fiverr, so I’m not sure what the hurdles are that one has to get over as a new seller, but I wish you the best of luck!


to get sales, your keyword should be first page on result. my first page keyword is WPAP.


There issues with your content, but more importantly with what you’re selling. Guides to doing something will not do well here. Most people can google that stuff for free. You need to either offer full setup for them or provide completed products. Teaching how to do something only works if advanced research and analysis of the clients product is required.


Impressions don’t mean much in relation to sales.

Good gig titles and keywords will get a lot of impressions.

Great descriptions and great products/services get a lot of sales.

I don’t think artemist was condemning you or your gigs, But inside his post there are valid points. PLR products, money systems, lazy ways to riches, personal improvement and how-tos are not big sellers on fiverr.

Fivver has 2 million people on it and most are business owners (small to large) who buy and sell tangible services. The ratio of buyers looking for money systems and weight loss on fiverr is very low. Its not a good match.


Thanks a million times to you all…Time to do my home work and a review of my gigs.


Think about more gigs, and add video =D>

spqrdesign said: Think about more gigs, and add video

That might not end up being a personalized video. If you do an general internet image search on the original poster's avitar/image it shows that the same image is being used as the "member photo" by well over 100 users in various countries, under various user names.


Reply to @happy_days:

He gave you some good advice and his opinion. Take the constructive criticism and build from it.


Well, my first thought when checking out your gigs was - oh, neat diet - i’ll google it to read reviews on it - then I found the very same one for less cost:

N*** Book (eBook)


To me I’ll save the 3 quid and buy it here - sorry, but can’t resist a bargain Lol…


Hi, I don’t think you will attract many buyers with those gigs, I mean, no one is really interrested in those quick cash earning or get rich quick tips, they can get it anywhere for free, same thing goes for how to loose fat, wich it’s not something very difficult for someone to even how to by their own.

I suggest you make some more usefull gigs, like, maybe you can hold a sign ( say an ad that someone would like you to hold) in a famous place in your city or a beautifull landscape, or if you have some computer skills that you can use like maybe using photoshop to edit something, or designing something, etc…

If you speak more than one language fluently then perhaps you can also make a translation gig (it would be better if you make a video too, showing your verbal skills that will make people more convinced)

You can even make a gig where you use any handcraft skills you got, you can ship the thing you make (I think this option exist on fiverr).

I hope that helps.


Sheriff's Note: You're at it again.... Careful.....


Well i think Fiverr has its favorites, i have seen many users (top sellers) with outside links and yet we are not allowed, i think its a clique u need to be a member of, maybe a special handshake lol…



I see your gigs as too gimmicky. I don’t say it to be mean. They’re not offering real services but a gimmick to get people to purchase.

I bet if you try a video testimonial gig you’ll get orders on day one.


Reply to @artemist: I would gladly ask you for a review on my page. M having the same problem but I have a detailed gig. Let me know your thoughts.


I dont have even a look to my gigs and i have 8 :frowning: