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Impressions on the gig but no clicks

300+ impressions on the gig but no clicks. I have 3 gigs on Fiverr and want more traffic.


Hello, I see you are new here. Welcome!

If you are getting impressions and not clicks then you need to up your game. That means improve your gig.

Are your gig thumbnails eye catching. I looked and they are not.

Also, you need to get a handle on improving your gigs soon because the longer you have been on the Fiverr platform without sales, the less impressions you will get.

So, get yourself some better images for your gigs to start with.


300 Impressions and no Clicks is disheartening but not a terrible statistic as there are trillions of tiggers touting tons of IT tomfoolery. That makes the numbers against you from the start. You have to be special in some way.

I agree, the images are not focused, pastel and bland. The copy also backs that with vague wording that tries to hide under grand promises. The killer is when you offer a money back guarantee. That not only leaves you open to every low life from here to Mars but says, I do not believe I can get this right at all. Not the best message to send.

Highlighting is overused which makes the other text hard to read. You want to encourage people to read and engage in your flow (you), not to have them skip from one highlighted part to another (those people won’t buy from you anyway or if they do will be a pita).

Are you one person or many? You cannot be both or that is plain unsettling.

All your images need an overhaul as one is simply your Gig copy, some have errors, and none appear to be for real sites - which we assume you have made.

Almost all the songs I show in my Mix Reel are real jobs, some were not paid, but real work nonetheless. I minimize the use of Competition work and replace those with suitable quality songs from Indie acts as soon as I can.



Thanks for contributing

Are you trying to be rude to us in response for the help asked for, or do you just not realize that is a condescending thing to say in the situation?

I understand we didn’t say how amazingly amazing that you and everything about you is but you asked for feedback and advice on your Gig to help solve your problem and that is what we gave.

You could debate a point or ask for more understanding. Those are good things. The response you gave, “Thanks for contributing”, indicates that you are being Passive Aggressive rude. Not a great way to start out.



Thank you for the information.

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I think it may be a communication breakdown (Led Zep) - and in their mind they are sincere in thanking you, but, it doesn’t quite come across that way. A brush off and rudeness was a thread I participated in yesterday where the guy literally brushed off someone researching and posting links to help them and them saying, “But I want it explained here” basically. Now, that WAS rude. I think this one just is not as versed in English to thank in a way that would come across as genuine or gracious.


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Maybe so. But when asked to clarify, you will see the answer was equally dismissive in it’s brevity and brusqueness of brikindnitude.

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Unfortunately, there are cases here in the forum where newbies are not happy unless you serve up advice and the secrets to make millions here on a silver platter.