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Impressions & orders

Hello Fiverrists :smile:
I’m a new seller on Fiverr, I got 500 impressions on my Gig but it’s still with just one order, and I received just one message (I mean after the first order).
Can you guys tell me why the impressions are incomparable with the orders?


Impressions are not very relevant as an impression is defined as Gig appearing in search results. Since Fiverr is showing 40 Gigs per Page, it could mean you are on position 40 with your gig which is still very low but would get counted as impression. More important are clicks and their ratio to orders. If somebody actually clicks on your Gig and then does not order this could mean there is something off with your gig description.


yes you’re right, thank you for this hint!

Good question and good answer

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