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Impressions peak and no 0 impressions

Ok, I believe the image speaks for itself.

I started around a month ago, the gig was doing great and suddenly this happens.

The gig appears as active.

Anyone knows what might be? Thanks!

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maybe you have been sharing your gig which you stopped sharing hence the result.

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Nope, it was all organic fiverr, I never drove traffic from outside fiverr.

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consider contacting fiverr CS for help

will do atm, thank you!


I am also having the same problem

I notice Fiverr impressions fluctuate very much, even if you’ll daily share your gig(s) on social media. Probable the ranking algorithms are generating these fluctuations.

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Update: been 48 hours since I opened a support ticket, no reply yet.

Gig is completely dead at 0 impressions.

I really hope this is a small mistake and someone fixes it soon, else this would be really sad, I’ve spent a bunch of time trying to make this gig successful and was doing great, I even cleared my schedule because the work was intense and now nothing and with a clear schedule.

What happened? Did your impressions get fixed?
I’m having the same issue and this really sucks considering they don’t even contact you back for days

It took around 7 days since I opened the ticket for them to approve the gig again, once back, everything is fine now.

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Oh well, that’s a little reassuring.
Thanks for the reply
I’ve contacted them as well, let’s see

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