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Impressions plunged to 0

So my impressions suddenly plunged to 0 across all my gigs
I can understand fluctuations but completely 0 suddenly? I would get an order every day and for a week now, no messages no impressions let alone any clicks or orders


I believe Fiverr was down there for a little while yesterday, so a lot of folks are going to have the same issue. Give it another day or so to make sure it picks back up. I’m betting we’ll be back to higher numbers soon. :wink:

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Same problems, almost one month without any impression for my best selling gig. I am TRS, 3 months in a row I was Fiverr Choice and than for no reason, my gig was put on the last page, promoted gig no works at all. Huge bug!

Same here nikolaovsek, I was getting 1k impressions a day on my winner gig, and in 1 day all my active gig just dropped, and lost all impression,

Yeah, I certainly hope so.
It isn’t fair for people that rely on fiverr as their source of income.

It’s been a week for me as well, Level2, was on first page for months with constant orders and then suddenly plunged to 0, not even promoted gigs feature works