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Impressions RADICALLY drop once minor desc. changes are made

Hey there! I have two gigs running and finally, they’ve got some impressions and orders. Each order brought more traction so ultimately my impressions went from 2-5/day to 50-60/day, orders made and all rating was 5-stars. Having some feedback, I’ve made some changes, mostly in the packages as well to some words in the description and my ever-growing gigs drop from 60 to 0 impressions. Even way before my first order views weren’t zero and now, whenever I make minor changes they radically drop, with the worst being this last one, right when everything seemed to start pumping…

Is it a thing for impressions/reaches to drop THAT much whenever changes are made? I’m talking on clarification changes, ones to improve the gig, not like changing the gig/costs or anything…


According to my experience, Don’t change package Pricing ever!
Instead you can change all other things to improve your Gig Quality. If your gig has dropped it will be back soon. Just wait for some time and keep sending buyer requests.

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For how long did they stay down? Whenever you make a change, the gig needs to be verified, during which time it will be hidden from the search. This verification period typically lasts roughly 24-48 hours.

The general advice on edits is: Little as possible, often as needed.

Will have these in mind for future gigs, thank you both for your comments :slight_smile: