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Impressions suddenly dropped and are staying down


I’m a Level 2 seller, have done some really good work (350+ 5.0 star reviews), clear gig descriptions, good copy, good presentation, even participated in Fiverr PR events.

But for some reason… over the last week, my impressions have taken a huge dive. I know this questions is asked a lot, but I think the pictures of each of my gig analytics is very telling:

All 5 of my main gigs have followed this EXACT trend from the 6th of November 2020:

Starting on the 6th this month, all of my gigs have tanked hard. My streak of delivering extreme quality has never faltered on this site. I cannot find a reasonable explanation for this. It appears my gig has just disappeared from search rankings, but I haven’t really made any significant changes to them as of late… this has impacted me quite significantly.

Any thoughts, advice or experience would be greatly valued. Thanks in advance, all.


There might be several reasons for such a situation.

  1. Gig rotation
  2. Demand
  3. Offer

I could see you made some change on Nov 9th, 2020 in your Gig. This change may cause another delay in Gig rank back.

I recommend not to panic, Gigs change their position in SRP and it is normal.


I’m currently facing the same issue for over a week now, maybe the fault is from fiverr back end or its the normal gig rotation of a thing


strangely i am facing the same problem with my gig impressions.

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I’m experiencing the same issue. I have 1,000+ reviews, and from 3rd November, impressions have gone down to almost zero, with no new enquiries. Very strange…


Hey Kevin (and all), just wondering if you had many orders in revision for a while. I’ve had some buyers never come back to me, and was wondering if these long ‘in revision’ times have caused these drops due to a possible new change in Fiverr’s algorithm.

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Same situation here. I’m a TRS. Even i’m not getting messages from new buyers from the search. I only get a couple of orders from my returning buyers. Must be a glitch i guess. Hope things will get back to normal soon.

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Same situation on my gig.

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Did you get your gig impressions back? I have had the same situation going on since Nov 16. My drop graph is exactly like yours. Fiverr support says nothing wrong.

Please update us. Thanks

Y’all still facing this? I was recently promoted to Level Two, got a bunch of orders, have been consistently delivering quality product - but Impressions have…pretty much been crashing. They’ve reached double digits, which has never happened before. CS advised me to see if lightly editing my gig would help, but the Fiverr forum always asks to avoid editing unless absolutely necessary. A lot of Sellers have said that editing a gig had made them lose rank, or made things worse. So, I’m confused about why this is happening. I have never missed a deadline, and my clients have been really happy.