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Impressions suddenly plunge to 0 for all my Gigs out of the blue


I’m sure this is not the first and won’t be the last time someone posts this topic. But I wanted to share my experience.

Since 2 days ago, the impressions on my gigs all plunged to 0. I understand there can be fluctuation depending on a lot of factors, but 0 hasn’t happened before.
Check my best selling Gig:

I changed absolutely nothing to my Gigs. I also haven’t been demoted or promoted during St. Levels day. I haven’t’ delivered any order late since November last year, I haven’t had a cancelation since February. In fact, I only have been delivering orders in the last couple of days.

CS answered the following:
“Fiverr does not guarantee impressions, clicks or views for your Gig. We provide a marketplace for you to advertise your Gigs, and it is up to you to make them appealing, and promote them outside of Fiverr to increase the number of views your Gig receives.
You are welcome to check out our Forum for tips on how to increase your Gig views.”

to which I replied:
“Hi ***,
Thanks for your swift reply. I understand Fiverr doesn’t guarantee any success, impressions or clicks (or orders for that matter) but since 0 impressions, clicks or views hasn’t happened to my Gigs since I started I wondered if maybe something else was going on. But if you assure me that there is nothing you can see wrong from my gigs on your end then I suppose it’s just a sudden and absolute stop of demand in the global marketplace of the services I offer.”

Any other suggestions what can be going on?

edit: all my stats are on 100% and I am 5 star rated


I think its happening across all category gigs.


Same problem brother :sweat:


Same here, I went from 50k impressions to 0 in 4 days. Iam not sure what is happening here. But it is not good.


Same problem. On the 15th all my impressions dropped to 0. Now I know that I am still a newbie here and I don’t have an impressive number of impressions but this drop to 0 was too sudden. And all this meanwhile me trying to promote my gig on my social media profile. It just didn’t add up.
I think it may be a bug.


This should answer your questions and concerns on 0 impressions.