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Impressions too low?

Hi there!
I just joined Fiverr a month ago and try to establish a serious home-business, aiming to be able to stay at home when I’m getting a first-time dad in late december :slight_smile:
So far I’ve completed around 15 gigs which are all out of the buyer requests. Since a few days they are a bit buggy for me - I see around 1 request per day if any.
I just checked the “organic” gig traffic - I promoted my services a small portion at social media but I rarely get impressions. My main gig (Photoshop Editing / Retouching) is running for 32 days now and I got 270 impressions. Isn’t that a bit… low?
1 week ago I added a video to my gig - also I tried to optimize tags, etc.
Do I miss something here? Love all those feedback!


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That is about average.

First page of ‘average rating’ will give you about 800 impressions per day, second will give you 400ish. Likely to only go down from there.

(this is for the writing category, but I can’t imagine the image one is that different)

Hey ryangillam,
thanks, but… can you explain what you exactly mean by "first page of ‘average rating’ "? :hushed:

If you go to your gig category, there is a ‘drop down’ box on the right hand side. If you are logged into the site, it defaults the gig list to ‘recommended’. Change it to ‘Average Rating’ as you can see the highest rated gigs in your category.

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Follow this

Apply buyer request regularly
Advertise your gig
Always be online

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