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Impressions totally dropped after vacation mode


I have started freelancing on Fiverr from almost start of this year and it was an excellent experience till last month. I had final exams for sixth semester and I had to leave all other things including freelancing so i set vacation mode here on my profile for almost two week .
After finishing my papers I have come back here to start again and now it’s been more than a week , I have got only single order by chance. There are almost no views coming ,no impression going up all the way .
I have updated my gigs again and again . Used keywords which were good before but they are not even getting few views .
I remember when i start my video editing gig . I got almost thousand views within week.
Is there any reason of leaving fiverr for few days?
Should you always be here working and don’t leave id for few days?
Is there something got wrong after my vacation mode ?
Because It is same platform where i started work from zero and i got orders ,near 50 i have completed in 5,6 months but not I am just waiting posting trying everything to get something right so I can start working .


That’s not unsual. Vacation Mode takes your gigs out of Fiverr search, so during the time you are away your impressions drop a lot, sometimes all the way to 0. When you come back, they have to be re-indexed and they don’t necessarily show up as high in search as they did before so impressions are typically very slow to build back up again.

The last time I was out for a week while relocating it took about 8 weeks to get back to where I was before. The orders will start to trickle in when the gigs are indexed and then the climb will be gradual. If you can stimulate more view/clicks/conversations by marketing off-Fiverr or offering huge specials it will push your gigs up faster.


I am on summer vacations and believe me I don’t want to waste a singe day for just waiting someone to come and place order .
But Yes your reply is exactly to the point and I am just waiting my impressions to rise again where I have left them.
It’s tough though.