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Impressions, views and click


my gig impressionss, clicks and views are reducing day by day. what should I do?


Use Social Media to promote your gigs. Change and add more gigs.


what type of change should I take? can you suggest any?


You know your trade better. I stay in Video Services. So if my gig is not selling i replace it with new kind of video gig. Sometime breaking your gig also works. What i mean by that is. I had a gig “I will make 3D Logo Animation” it did not sell much so i broke it into 3 gigs. “I will make a 3D logo video” , “I will make a metal logo video” “I will make a realistic Fire Logo” it was all included in one gig but since it did not sell much i broke it down. Hope it all makes sense.



great suggestion. Thank you so much.