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Impressions,views and clicks are falling down

hi there,
my gig impressions,views and clicks are falling down regularly and i am not getting any order from last 3 weeks,
can someone help how can i increase impressions,clicks and views.

Same here, my impressions just have stopped.

let sound clear to you that the only way you can increase your impression,views and clicks is by getting quality traffic to your gigs. try and get real traffic

I think thats some kind of Bug in Fiverr
My all Gigs ( Impressions just down at once ).I have contact Customer Support about this issue.You should also contact Customer Support

Facing the same problem here. Fiverr support was of no real help as they give the same response regarding the dynamic system of Fiverr and how every one should update their gigs, tags regularly and to advertise on social media etc. Its weird as the impressions are on an all time low.

How can i publish my questions on this forum please?

I also have a problem, am a level 2 selller with 98% positive rating and i am not getting orders, who can be having a solution to this, what am i not doing? Kindly help.

same here

IMHO, I think Fiverr implemented a system change and naturally there were glitches. One that I found is with the packages filter (left side of search page). Apply the same criteria and you get completely different results each time, and within seconds of running each filter. I think that may be causing Buyers to be frustrated and leave the site without buying. I’m sure CS knows this and is working on it. Like all things server related, we just need to be patient.

how can i do this?

thank you so much.


Hi Melany, I’ve been experimenting since 2 weeks ago. I really don’t know what’s happening but I am promoting my gig with social media a bit, I found that when I do this I get an increment in views but not in impressions since you are promoting your direct link in social media rather than the impressions that you get from the search bar in fiverr. Try promoting your gigs in other places and if you find some good ways to do that give me the tips! Best regards

I also have this problem,since i started fiverr its been 1 year 2 months i never got lower stats like now,i change tags and everything but it seems its not the solution!If anybody have idea on how to fix it share please,i know alot other people working on fiverr who got this problem also!

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The same question and repeated.

You simply promoting out like facebook, twitter, bookmarking sites.

You will have indexes and views

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I have the same problem. There were very few orders for the last week. Support only gives general advice. Perhaps the Fiverr has made some changes that have changed the search algorithms.

i also have same problem

I recently experienced the same issue with my gigs, so I’ve gone through the same struggle. After redoing my gig descriptions to give them a new look, editing my gig titles, and adding an SEO title (this is really important- make sure to add one) to my gigs, I’ve seen a huge increase in clicks, views and impressions. Make sure to consistently update your gigs, your tags and give them a fresh look. Once in a while, update your gig gallery or title, and see what happens. Hope this helps!


Facing the same problem here.

my own gig has always been in search but today i suddenly noticed that its no longer there, i had been using the limit order feature to limit the number of orders but when i disabld it today after waiting for over 30 mins it never came back to its position in search.

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