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Impressions, views and clicks are lowering down


i need help regards my gigs.
previously it was rising higher and higher and now from some days it is getting downward along with red downward arrow. can someone explain whats happening with my gigs.

also if you give me advice about my profile and gigs it will be appreciated.
hoping for a help.
Umer Durrani


Are you on Social Media? Are you finding new ways to market your gigs and bringing traffic to them from outside of the marketplace? Create some compelling content related to your offerings and promote them on Twitter, Instagram, your own blog,etc… :slight_smile:


thanks a lot for your precious time and information :slight_smile:


Very bad times! My numbers are going down like hell. I am not sure what Fiverr is up to and what is the future here?


Same here. all is turning the other way round. for the past few weeks. dropped from 39k to 18k presently.


Yeah I’m getting the same, used to get orders very often and now lucky if I get one a week its terrible! looking outside of Fiverr now.


Everything is going down here as well


Same issue with me i was also rising higher but now everything is down.


Same Issue :frowning: I was getting orders on regular basis but now, not even getting impressions… Even few sellers with negative ratings and non professional work are on top of search result… :frowning: Bad time for old sellers…


Please suggest me too. Where to go now :frowning:


“Thank God you found me” depending on how you look at it could look like a cry for help. Maybe something a little different under your profile image would be better.


Please can you explain better ?


Have a look at other gigs to see what sellers are putting there but don’t copy them.



Thank you fiverr for give us the great news :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


thanks for kind information.


i dont have any idea. but i heard that fiver is testing new algorithm thats why.