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Hello all,

I started to promote my gigs on twitter and rest of social medias like facebook and instagram. Since than my impressions, views and clicks significantly improved with at least 30 clicks and views per day. I just want to know does that help my gig to improve and get on first pages? If no, please give ma tip how to get on first pages. I do wordpress jobs and in my opinion there is so much people who do this job so the competition is big. I am online at least 4 hours in one day, regulary send my offers on buyer requests. Thanks in advence for tips, looking forward to improve my gig.


Good for you for promoting your gigs on social media! I do not know for sure how gigs get on the first page. You say you are online 4 hours a day, but there are some sellers online a lot more by using their mobile app. Some buyers like to hire sellers who are online. :wink:
I think this is a problem for you too.

Good Luck.


Hello, you have tons of competition for first page.

They seem to put those on the first page who do very well. They do rotate gigs on and off the first page frequently and are constantly changing the positions of gigs so everyone gets a chance and some visibility but they in general put the gigs that make the most money on the first page or at least at the top.