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Impressions vs. Views

I have poked around some but haven’t found the answer. I understand clicks. That is a straightforward concept. I am unsure as to the difference between Impressions and Views in my gig data. Is there a simple way to find out? Is it even useful to track them?

Any general thoughts are greatly appreciated. If there is a link I should follow feel free to clue me in.

Thanks, in advance,


Yes! Statistics are super important in Fiverr! Like besides actually getting the gig itself or a positive review these are the most important things on this website! Because not only do higher gigs mean you are being viewed or looked into or watched a lot more (which gives you a higher chance of being hired), but it means that the lovely people of Fiverr see that you’re active and in demand. And they’ll help you pop up more in searches, which again means more chances of being hired! It’s in their best interest for the people who seem to be popular or gaining traction to be put more often in searches. That way the website keeps making profit and in turn so do the sellers, and everyone’s happy! Anyway after that long spiel, the bottom line is statistics are so important!

I have read several times that “Impressions” is when a gig of yours actually shows up in a search result for a buyer. I’m unaware however what the difference between views and clicks are.

Thanks for this post!