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Impressions went up from 200 to 2,000

Hi fellow sellers, I would just like to ask for your opinion/views on how can I take advantage of this recent increase on my gig impression. I was so surprised yesterday upon checking that I had hit 2,000 impressions in a day, than the normal 100-200 clicks I get on a daily basis.

In addition, from almost 3-6 clicks I get everyday, this sudden increase got me 31 clicks. I’m just surprised on how the algorithm has favored, perhaps, my gig which resulted to this.

So going back to my question, I would like to ask for your opinion on how can I take advantage of this sudden increase in my impressions. For how long do would this impressions be sustained? Should I change something on my gig, or anything?

Thank you all.


First of all don’t change anything in your gig if its performing well. What i would suggest is that deliver the pending orders timely and keep providing quality service to maintain or improve this position further.


“Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate daily.”

This can be found here, in the second paragraph.

There was another thread recently that saw a spike, but it only lasted 2 days. I’d say ‘no’, don’t change anything at the moment. If it drops off again, go ahead, but right now don’t. Every time you edit, the gig goes through a verification that removes it from search while checked. That can take an hour to several days.


This is very good, are there any special things that you did for this?


Thanks for the great advice. Ill take note of this. We’ll see what would happen in the next weeks, and I’ll try to update this discussion. :hugs:

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Awesome advice, thank you. Will definitely take note of this. We’ll see what will happen in the next days. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I was actually surprised as I haven’t employed any changes on my gig for the past month, nothing really special. We’ll see if this will continue for how many days, and I’ll update this discussion. Thanks :slight_smile: :hugs:

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anyway best of luck dear!!