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Improper usage of fiverr - violation of TOS

I don’t know what happened. But I got this early in the morning. I was waiting to get level 1 in the next evaluation date. But due to this warning I want to stay another 30 days. I am sure that I didn’t do anything wrong. But how this happened.

Did you always put something in the delivery box - with the delivery as an attachment (or maybe a link) or proof of work on every delivery? Or did you ever ask for a particular rating or do anything unusual with rating or accounts?

If you’re not sure what you did wrong (according to them), you can ask them (CS) at the link they provide in their message.

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At the beginning I ask for rating. Then I received a mail not to do it again. After that I didn’t ask anything about the ratings from the customers. Nowadays I got lot of orders from one repeated customer. Is that a problem?

It shouldn’t be if they’re all proper orders. I think the best thing to do is contact CS on the link they provided (or via the support link at the bottom of a normal Fiverr page) and ask them what the violation was.

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Okay. I will contact the CS. Thank you

Is there anyway to undo this? (after contacting CS)

I don’t think so. If you can prove to them that you didn’t do anything wrong maybe.

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Thank you very much :blush: