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Improper Usage of Fiverr

I am very sorry, and very disappointed due to fiverr warning system. Few months ago, the system warn me on a order delivery where I was just acknowledging the buyer that the delivery is ready and you accept it. I discussed with the customer care team, and they replied that it was an automatic genrated warning and could not be reverted, Now, again, today, again I was given a warning for “improper usage of fiverr”, and the customer support team also cancel my three orders several months ago. Even, the reason is not clear, the buyer left me with 5 rating. I contacted the buyer, and he is saying that he did not ask for any cancellation.

What is going on.

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This is horrible. Try to explain customer care with detailed conversation and give them screen shot as a proof.

Perhaps this is the problem. Asking your buyer to accept delivery is not necessary. When an order is complete, you deliver it, and leave it at that. Asking a buyer to “accept your delivery” might be seen as asking for a review – and that would, indeed, be an “improper use of Fiverr”.


Thanks for reply, I am in conversation with customer care, would update about the closure.

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What is the service you were providing? Is it something that is not allowed on fiverr?

You are supposed to just deliver it and not tell the customer to accept it.

Don’t ask to accept the delivery.

It’s important to only achieve warnings that will get you “forum points.”

Did you know that’s a thing? Well it is. Forum points establish your reputation and lead to money raining down like clouds with a head cold.

As a residential “forum point” ninja, I could offer you a few tips on how to obtain “warnings” that will increase your forum currency greatly.

Here are a couple of examples of warnings you should get to really boost your reputation around these here parts:

Good warnings to strive for

No matter what your client orders, deliver a blog on the current state of wood crafting. When they act confused, tell them “now is the perfect time in the market to get creative… you’re welcome”

Here’s another action that can get you an amazing warning:

Start a songwriting service. For every order you get, send back a karaoke version of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.” When the client asks why you ignored their request, tell them, “Stevie Wonder is a national treasure and you should be thankful That I fixed your musical tastes”

Here’s an advanced tip for Fiverr pros and should not be attempted without prior warning experience:

Two days after accepting an order, ask your client if they’ve gotten around to completing your order. The general confusion of the client will be exhilarating. Make sure to threaten the client with a low rating, even when they insist that THEY ordered from YOU. Tell them that you were mistaken and that you did, in fact, receive your order from them. Then ask for a revision. Explain that they must have read your request wrong and that they got the wrong impression from you asking for “an article that touched people everywhere.” Remind them that context matters and demand to be satisfied and threaten to cancel your order

You’re off to an amazing start. With a lot of hard work, back breaking dedication and a little luck - you could be well on the way to being a forum legend. It’s just gonna require really amping up your warning count.

I’m always here to help, should you accidentally get full star reviews. Make sure to act fast. Forum points go like hot cakes.

This is what we in the business call “a joke,” (by business I mean “watching Netflix”). Doing any of the previously mentioned, will get you a visit from the Fiverr Domestic Complaint Department. Those guys mean business. Plus, they wear black outfits and they’re constantly asking me if I’ve seen UFO’s. Although the incident is a little vague.

Follow up note
Obviously Fiverr doesn’t have a department of people who visit you. That’s classless over regulation. They watch you from an unregistered vehicle like civilized people. They even come up with creative names for their pretend businesses and put them on the side of the vehicle. The last one said “Stop talking and Flowers: A service for today’s husband.”
Although my personal favorite was, “Take a Wok- Chinese deliveries made fast.”

Follow up to my follow up
Fiverr, Fiverr customer care, forum admins and most forum attendees in no way are represented by the views and opinions expressed by Mooch. In fact, they’re sick to death of my constant and long winded , meaningless offerings that lead to nowhere. Fiverr forum does not endorse any of these obvious falsities. They’re not laughing. The Fiverr forum is a serious place, where serious people learn serious business. The thoughts expressed in this reply are not the thoughts of anyone with any sensibility and should not even be considered by people prior to morning coffee. Please be advised that the forum, as a whole, doesn’t care for these offerings and have met many times to tackle the logistics of sending me out into the wild during the cold parts of the year.

Well that’s just fine Fiverr forum. Whatever. I’m a grown up. It’s my life. You’re not even my real Mom.


I literally worked on the above post as though I had a deadline and was in danger of losing my ranking.

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So you’re saying I did it the wrong way all the time and gathered forum flags to gain forum rep instead of ruining my relationships with my customers on the main site?!

(edited, I messed this up)
Muhammad, it seems that the system might have thought that you did an “empty delivery” = using the Deliver button without sending the completed order, and the system assumes that using the Deliver button without delivering something is just to stop the clock from ticking, which is a major violation of the terms of service, so if you did use the Deliver button without attaching the completed work at the same time, you should make sure to not do that again because it can get you banned:

The Seller uses the Delivery system to extend the delivery due date to complete the requested service without providing the final delivered service to Buyers. Note: Multiple reported offenses will result in permanent suspension of your account.

I might have read your post wrong, though, in that case, I don’t know, but if it was an automatically generated warning, it must have been triggered by something. The reason could be using the Deliver button without sending a delivery. Or do you have an idea what else might have triggered an automated warning?

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You should screenshot your original delivery to this buyer, their review, and their message saying that they have not asked to cancel this order. Then contact CS with all of this and ask for clarification.

This is highly unusual. In this case, keep us posted.

How have you come to this conclusion? :thinking:


I concluded that from OP’s first post, he said the system warned him on an order delivery where he was just acknowledging the buyer that the delivery is ready and that support said it was an automatic warning.

It sounds as if he pressed the Deliver button to tell the buyer that the order is ready instead of sending the files, which would have triggered an “empty delivery” warning, I guess. If it was an automated warning, it probably doesn’t make a difference whether there actually were files ready to be delivered on the sellers computer but just registers that a seller used the delivery button without sending files which the ToS assume is to stall for time.
If there actually was a delivery sent at the time he used the delivery button (and not only after the buyer accepted the order), there wouldn’t have been anything to trigger an automated warning, I think? It’s also the only thing that seems to warrant the “improper usage of Fiverr” here.

Of course, if he just wanted to tell the buyer “your order is ready, please complete the order now, and then I’ll send you the files”, that isn’t exactly what the quoted ToS bit has in mind because it wasn’t OPs intention to stall the delivery but I think the trigger that generates the automated warning won’t take that into account, it just sees “delivery button pressed but no actual delivery contained”.

I might have read the opening post wrong, though, hence “it seems”. Was just how it read to me, and to help find out what Fiverr might mean with “improper usage” if they don’t specify it.

But I should have written “it seems the system thinks you’re doing…”, I did express myself badly and then got distracted with the wording in the ToS … I’ll better edit the post, for less confusion.

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I have very informative discussion with fiverr support team. I would share it. It is really helpful. Thanks for all person who responded to query.

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