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Improve English

hello dear,
i am faizan my english is so bad so help me how i can improve my english give me some idea what i do to my english make strong


Your English isn’t terrible! It just needs a little work.

You could take a look at the Grammar in Use Series, published by Cambridge. The series features three workbooks, every one corresponding to a learning level.

The basic and intermediate workbooks will teach you about parts of speech, tenses, prepositions, etc. The advanced workbook will teach you about complex English phenomena, such as cleft sentences and ellipsis.

There are several places on the web you can read the books for free, and legally, too! The Open Library is one such place; although, I’m not 100% sure if it can be accessed in Pakistan. You’ll have to check.


Practice, Practice, and more practice.

Try out Duolingo and there are just a ton of resources online you can learn and perfect English.

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I found you are improving now! you can see the difference yourself. keep trying practice makes a man perfect.

Do extensive reading and don’t let any word go without knowing its meaning.

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