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Improve gig again

Please share your experince how to improve my gigs and show again on fist page


Marketing your gig in every social media and you will get more customer from there, when you completed some order, Then your gig will be 1st page automatic:)

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Try to active on Fiverr 24 hours. Follow the Fiverr forum.
Share your gig different social media
So impression click increase.

Hope your Gig will rank very soon.

Another Fiverr myth!


Please do not spread rumors about staying online for 24 hours. Fiverr is a place for freelancers and not for companies which can put different people on different time slot. If one person is staying online for about even 12 hours his or her is definitely going to be depleted and especially when you awaken at the night it is going to disturb your mental help. SO don’t follow such stupid suggestions and even spread them ahead.
@mushfiq_ayon just build more SEO friendly gigs and your job will be done and keep sharing your gigs on social media.
Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:


great idea!!!.
thanks a lot


For me being active On Fiverr is more about helping the community rather than waiting to level up,

Maximum time active on fiver. Follow the fiver forum.share your gig on social media.

Thanks for shairing your experience and Thanks for guide me .

Even when I was new years ago, I didn’t spend a lot of time ON the Fiverr site or refreshing the page. Heck, we didn’t have forums back then either.

This whole “stay on line 24/7” is bologna! While some may think appearing to be online and active (awake and coherent!) is the key to getting on page 1 or getting orders by the truckload, it is NOT. All it will do is make you into a zombie sitting there refreshing the page.

Offer something of value on Fiverr. The problem is, a lot of people who hear about Fiverr on the net make their Gigs in the same over populated categories that others have before them. While some will be able to compete and make a living, most will end up in the forum complaining or sitting in front of their pc 24/7 with Rigor Mortis setting in!!!