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Improve GIG Impressions

Can anyone help me to check my GIG and help me to find errors so that I can improve it?
MY gig impressions is slower in this three month what do you think? :cold_sweat:
please help increase my gig impressions

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You should focus in one single niche.


These are my suggestions:

Gig: I will do your excel work
In the gig description:
“Please massage me” should be “Please message me”

Maybe change “Why you offer us” to something like “Why choose us?”. Though it should really only be “us” if you are a team.

Don’t put your off-site contact details in the gig image. Also in the gig image “Your” is spelt incorrectly.

Gig: I will create professional logo design
In the gig description:
It contains a URL that isn’t in the list of approved URLs.


Thank’s sir

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