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Improve my gig and rank it to first page

How can i improve my gigs on fiverr and rank it to first page.
i also add beautiful thumbnails but my gig is not shown in first page what should i do.
i also done a good seo for gigs.

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The thing is there is only room for 48 gigs to be show on the first page and there are thousands of sellers with thousands of gigs in various categories in Fiverr. On top of that we would all love to be on the first page all the time but that is not possible. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Fiverr rotates first page gig according to their super secret algorithm. Some think it has something to do with your sales, the quality of your gigs and lack of cancellations. But I am sure there is much more to placement than that. :wink:


same is with me dear

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