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Great stuff!

One consideration- I understand buyers can see your requirements under your gig description.



Dear Charles:

Please elaborate.

I just logged out and took a look at one of my gigs as a Buyer, but did not see my requirements.

Thank you,


Buyers only see your requirements when they place an order. Filling out the requirement is mandatory for the order to be marked complete.


For a few days, buyer requirements were shown on the gig page, under the gig description. One of the Fiverr experiments, I guess, but it didn’t stay that way.


Hi Blaise
i have read your insights and these are pretty amazing and i am very impressed by your knowledge. I am also new on fiverr and follow your instructions after reading this. I have one humble request that is will you be kind enough to look at my gigs and give me your wise advice that which things i can improve?
I am also thinking to add new gigs related to my google ad words work which is completely different niche but i wanna work on that more then these gig. is it will be okay to delete many gigs and add my new niche gig?
I am looking forward for your response.
Thank you in advance.


Dear Umair:

If you take the time to earn your Autobiographer Badge, particularly adding a link to your Fiverr profile, other forum participants will be able to easily view your information.

As a general rule, when I have time to participate in the Fiverr Forum and I notice a request like yours in the “Improve My Gig” section, I am willing and able to look at a Seller’s Profile and one gig one time.

So, which one gig would you prefer that I take a look at?

For example:

Your profile image: I recommend color. The one I saw is kind of off-putting, and it’s looking DOWN on you, which is not a good angle, in my opinion.
Your log line: No suggestions
Your profile text:

The difference between a good business plan and a bad business plan is that one will get you funded and the other will not [or you can use “won’t”]. We are a team of highly professional MBA and Digital Marketers working for you. We will get you funded. Why hire a single person when you can hire a whole team at the same price? Contact us – help is here! -[Name You Want to Be Called]

Your gigs should all have COMPELLING video and 3 images, and so on…

Looking at your profile page, all of your videos appear to be the same video. That, in my opinion, does not help you. Given that you’re about to re-tool, that should resolve itself. Be sure to understand that you’re about to hit Level 1,
which means you’ll have more gig slots available soon. You might choose to pause some gigs rather than delete them (the only advantage being you wouldn’t have to start from scratch to renew whatever gig).

I’m an American, so I’m used to seeing “planning” with 2 "n"s, not with 1, as in “planing.” Perhaps this is an international English spelling, but I doubt it. (You have it as “planning” in the gig description.)

On balance, I believe the one video I looked at has tremendous room for improvement. I suggest you hire a copy writer, make sure your English is polished, and make live videos where you are talking to the camera. Watch lots of videos by Top Rated Sellers to get a feel for what I mean. You should come off as relaxed, comfortable, and familiar with your elevator pitch.

As to your question about deleting many gigs and adding a new nice gig, you should be constantly working to improve your offerings in any way you can.

Check out this post by @authoreva :

I also suggest you read @twistedweb123 's post:

and listen to every episode of Fiverrcast you can for more on this.

Finally, I suggest you take advantage of the Improve My Gig section of the Fiverr Forum, and start a new thread asking for people to give you feedback on your gigs.

I’m just one person, a Level 1 Seller, and the main thing I have to offer is my experience as a proofreader. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear from other people who disagree strongly with me, and who have the proven track records of success to back up their points of view.

For example, where I recommend using a photo, @synexic prefers that you “have a logo designer create you a professional avatar”:

Good luck,


Thank you so much for your instant reply sir. I want you to look at my excellent business plan best seller gig. Whenever you will find time. i am looking forward to hear from you.I have also read and follow your instructions and will follow further in future to update things which are have flaws. there are many flaws which i am able to finally see with the help of yours. thanks again


Dear Umair:

Live Portfolio:
I’ve already told you my thoughts on your video and that you need 3 images. The one image you have needs to be scrapped. Before you commit any text to any image or video, make sure that it has no spelling or grammatical errors, and that the English is conversational, not awkward. “Entreprenurs” is spelled wrong in this image.

I suggest that you start adding a customized “thank you” image to your deliveries, to see whether your Buyers opt to add this lagniappe to your Live Portfolio. Don’t simply re-use the same image over and over. Each image should be designed to enhance your Live Portfolio and add value to your Buyers.

Gig Title:

I will write your excellent business plan

I suggest deleting “excellent” and finding more relevant key words.


I strongly advise you to remove unlimited revisions, if only because you are costing yourself an opportunity to make the standard and premium packages more attractive by adding more revisions as you go up in packages. I suggest A/B testing to find out which number of revisions works best at which Level, perhaps starting with 1 / 3 / 5.

This also gives me an opportunity to point out that even if you have gig packages, you may still add gig extras (I don’t see any gig extras here – sometimes they show up later in the ordering process).

So, if you limit the number of revisions for each gig package, you should be giving yourself an opportunity to make more money by offering additional gig extras for more revisions. This will also help you when dealing with those customers who expect free revisions for life.

Gig description: Please check for edits throughout, and note my editorial comments in brackets [you should not include these in your description]:

“Business without planning is like driving a Ferrari at 120 MPH blindfolded!”

Howdy, [This is too “cutesy” for a business offering.] Entrepreneurs!
Are you looking for qualified experts to create your professional customized business plan? [avoid negativity in your copy – that’s why I cut the bit about templates]
[I suggest you familiarize yourself with **Chris Guillebeau**, so you can tailor offerings to his readers.]
Do you want to wow investors or bank loan officers?
You are at the right place! Carefully read what you will get:
A specially created 100 percent customized business plan, which contains the most important information for your business. Whatever type of business you want to start, you will need a perfect business plan, which includes:
Executive Summary
Critical Factors
Keys to Success
Market, Industry & Competitive Analysis
Pricing Strategy
Website Strategy
Marketing Strategy
SWOT Analysis
Market Segmentation
Break Even Analysis
Market Analysis
Cash Flow
Personal Charts and graphs and much more…

We provide a customized business plan. We do not sell templates here! [I left the negative comments about templates here, but I advise against it.]
We offer the fastest and most modern way to build your business plan!

Please text us to get our Top Secret file to see the required info.
[I took out the smiley face here, because it seems unprofessional. You should probably avoid exclamation points, as well. I suggest you convert your doc file to a pdf – I believe you’re limited to about 3 pages per pdf – and add it to your Live Portfolio. I hope you have made sure that your doc is compelling and free from errors.]

We don’t just offer a gig, we offer 24/7 customer support!
We Care About You!
Your Success Starts here!

[These last 3 lines seem like hyperbole. My advice is that you hire a copy writer to come up with a more compelling description for you.]

You should consider a popular tool of information marketers, the ebook that tells Buyers how you do what you do. You can do research into information marketing on your end. Don’t ask me to tell you more about it (that’s top secret information!).

Good luck,


Very good for us also


Thank you Blaise for considering.I will definitely improve my skills and will consider all your points for my gig improvement. Thanks again for your time. I appreciate your effort.


Has there been a known bump in sales for those who have switched from a brand name to a personal name on Fiverr?

Thinking from the point of view of a buyer, if you were a buyer, who saw 2 profiles one with a photo another with a logo, would you go “let’s go with the one with a photo?”


Dear Silk Route:

I don’t have data.

The THEORY is that Buyers prefer doing business with people.

I’m comfortable with suggesting that people A/B test both ways, to see which way works best for them.

Here’s a link from the Forum from 2012 (info may be out of date):

Here’s a link to Fiverr Academy:

Good luck,


Thank you for the insight (I wasn’t looking for data. Anecdotes are fine by me). I will find an opportune moment and test it out one day by putting my profile picture.


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thank you for your good suggestion


That is something I have been wanting to do. How do I change the “PrinceOfThrift” to something more professional? Say like my name?


Dear Kevin:

That is something I have been wanting to do. How do I change the “PrinceOfThrift” to something more professional? Say like my name?

You don’t. Unless you know The Doctor, Marty McFly, or invent your own time machine. Fiverr does not allow you to change your user name.

What you can do is ADD your name to the text of your profile description and to the text of your individual gigs if you have space, bearing in mind that the profile text should appear when Buyers view your gigs.

Sample profile text.

Some people call me Prince. Some people call me Thrifty. Some people call me the Prince of Thrift. Some people call me Maurice. -[Name Buyers Should Call You]

Good luck,


Here’s a tip for your videos:

Learn how to set the video cover so Buyers see just the image you want them to see:
Step 1: Hover over the video and click on the edit icon (pen to the right of the Trash can):

Step 2: Pause the video at the preferred moment and click on the Set as preview icon.

Good luck,


Thank you sir for great informative post. Its very helpful for those peoples who are new in fivver and for experts too.


Thanks for all tips and advice that you give su as community o freelancers, Greetings

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