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Improve My gig for order

please,Advice me how can i improve my gigs…
please check my all gigs…

Post it in different groups and social sites,make video about the gig and use selected key words for it.

thank you for your advice

Thousands of other Fiverr sellers offer these same exact services. Perhaps the best thing for you to consider is why anyone should hire you instead of any one of those other sellers? What makes your gigs unique? Or you you just adding yet another one of these services to the oversaturated category, without giving any thought to the value you can provide that no one else can?

Having gigs on Fiverr does not mean you will be successful. Having gigs just like everyone else will probably mean that you won’t gain any sales. Be unique. Find ways to stand out. Right now, if I was a buyer, there is nothing about your gigs that makes me want to buy them.