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Improve my gig: I will setup your mailchimp email template, newsletters, opt in

Please look at this gig offer. I’m open to all feedback for improvement.
New to Fiverr and waiting for my first client. Thanks


Best of luck for your fiverr journey.

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Oh my God !!! What a coincidence! You know two days ago my trainer gives me a lesson on Email marketing and Mailchimp campaign with how to send custom design templates to attract buyer attention.

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Yes to coincidences! And noticing the synchronicities! :clap:

@alimranmayeen1, How are you enjoying it?

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@designdunia thank you greatly! I appreciate your kindness. :innocent:

All the best for your work… Happy Earnings @openupgrades

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Yeah! I’m enjoying it… :grin: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
What about your previous problem status? Is it solved or not?

@alimranmayeen1glad you are enjoying! Still patiently awaiting the first client.

The first client in the Fiverr is like a golden deer … hahahahahahahahahahaha.

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