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Improve my gig: I will use a quantum device for custom distance energy support

This is my highest seen gig, help improve it! Comments and tips welcome! Thanks!!!

Do you want to be my first Fiverr client and review?


Ok I’ll bite (even tho this looks more like an advert for your gig than a request for assistance on said gig):

How on earth (and let’s not discuss the science of Stargate SG1) can this device measure me over a Zoom call?

A Kirlian photograph I can understand, human access to universal consciousness I can also comprehend, scanning me over the internet with a funky looking remote control I am a lot less clear on.



@benedictrm , to answer your question, the device works in the quantum field. Distance is irrelevant. Zoom call allows them to see the device and is not necessary, but simply a courtesy to offer connection.

I’m genuinely interested in feedback for the gig. What could be adjusted/added to inspire you to make the purchase? I’m still waiting for the first Fiverr gig review.

If only science had reached that far but here’s what the internet has to say:

From my 5 minute research it seems like it’s just a way to lure in people who are seeking help and take advantage of them by claiming you have some kind of “quantum” device whatever that’s supposed to mean, granted I have my own personal bias but this seems wrong.


Well, one thing is for sure, there shouldn’t be a lot in the way of competition for this Gig on Fiverr.

While I’m not interested in the product, I did read the Seller’s credentials.

She’s a scientist…which could mean this is cutting edge.

Regardless, I think you are blazing a very interesting trail here @openupgrades and I wish you a great deal of success by showing the rest of us that Fiverr can be used for much more than traditional freelance offerings.

Thanks @looseink. Your kindness is appreciated.

This is my first introduction to Fiverr. I’m genuinely asking for feedback about making gig posts, in the category “Improve my gig”. I hoped other sellers would have valuable suggestions on how the platform works.


@kombeats, your trolling is not appreciated.

In my personal experience, monthly debilitating painful menstrual cycles are now pain-free thanks to this FDA cleared medical device. This is only one of the many applications it has to offer.

This was not trolling. You are doing something outside of the standard. He gave his feedback and many will be struggling to overcome the leap that this requires. So… even if you did not like his response, it is useful info if you want to broaden your audience.

It was similar to my response which was a request to understand the process better. I noted that the Gig did not cover this past a “preaching to the choir” platitude. That is fine if you only want the choir as customers. If you want more, esp logical thinking people, you need to cross that divide somehow.

Me: I used to make a living as a Tarot Reader. When people asked me how this worked I was able to easily answer my understanding of the process based on Jungian theories about the Collective Unconscious. Others spoke about dead spirits, Angels, or aliens. Each appealed to their kind of buyer. I go to a Dispenza dispenser (Dr Jo) who is all about energies and connecting ourselves back to the Quantum.


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Thank you @benedictrm for this thoughtful response and perspective. You are correct. It does provide insight to broaden my understanding of the audience reading the gig offer. It’s a great opportunity to expand. I’ll work on articulating the description. Thanks again.

Yes, I’m a student of Dr. Joe Dispenza. :smiley:

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Hi! I just took a look at your gig and everything looks great! You have lots of information in your FAQs, which is really good. I also love that you put the disclaimer in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

As @looseink said, there won’t be much competition!

The only thing that I would suggest is maybe adding a video to your gig gallery so that potential buyers can see how the Healy device works!

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Medical-related services

We do not allow services that are meant to provide any medical treatment, advice, or supply.

Do not post, offer, or ask for:

  • Medical treatment, advice on any medical condition, or pharmaceutical advice.
  • Any kind of medical drugs or pharmaceuticals.
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The above is from the Community Standards.

“Using an FDA cleared bioenergetic medical device, HEALY, will scan etc.”

The above is from your gig description.

Fiverr does not allow such services and is likely to remove your gigs at any time.


Ooh, fair warning.

Can it be re-phrased as to be more like Reiki or any other similar things that (I assume) are ok here (like Tarot reading as that is an energy transfer over the interspace)?