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Improve my gig impression and click

I am a new seller on fiverr. 15 days ago I opened seven gigs and already
I have received an order.But now my gig impression is not very good. Now every day my gig’s impression has decreased. What should I do in this situation.



Gig impressions fluctuate up and down as your gig is shown differently in the search results constantly. This is normal. Secondly, considering this is a brand new account with new gigs, these numbers are good for the impressions and there is a decent click through rate too. Honestly, as a new seller I wouldn’t worry about this too much.

Instead focus on the service you provide to buyers!


thank you for your feedback :heart_eyes:

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@alexandamedia I agree with you… i start more than 1 month ago and i have less than 100 impression and jsut 1 click !!!
For my humble opinion your number are very good, i just check why you have many click and not orders, try to improve the description or try to make more attractive it.
Good luck and congratuklations !! You are walking in a very good way !!
greetings ! @vivi123

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keep faith on you and never give up