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Improve my Gig Impressions And Clicks

Hello Everyone!

Please look over my profile and let me know what I need to improve.

I want to increase clicks and impressions of my Virtual Assistant gig. That is currently going down because of a long gap in working.

You have a rather popular and on-going gig, about 315 reviews. I don’t see anything wrong with it? In a competitive field such as VA, your strongest point for the potential clients is your rating and amount of review, at the moment.

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Yeah. I was working with my best. My gig had shown on 1st page of best selling. But cause of some issues I had to make a long gap. I even didn’t time to look over to inbox and messages. But right now when I came back. My gig has gone on 2nd last page of best selling. :’(
And clients are not approaching me as well.

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Clearly your past success speaks to your skill level, so I doubt I can “reinvent the wheel,” so to speak. As a writer/editor though, I will tell you that your capitalization is all over the place and makes you look a little sloppy / unprofessional.


When I’m working with clients outside of America, in casual / introductory text where they give their name, I also recommend a quick pronunciation add-in - that’s entirely your decision, and not strictly necessary, but it might help make you look more approachable to American/English clients, even if you never verbally speak to them. For example, in your bio here, if I was correcting the capitalization and adding in something like that, it might look like (I’m putting it in as a picture so no one steals it from you - also, I took a guess at your name? It may not be pronounced like that, if I got it wrong, I apologize! :slight_smile: )


Thank you so much! :slight_smile: