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Improve my gig on fiver
i am new here before i doo work without any platform now i am new on fiver help me to improve my gig


You should remove all links using unapproved URLs from your Gig’s description.

See list of allowed URLs on bottom of the page


@sibghakhan632 Hello

Your GIG image is totally wrong. You have just put a wordpress image on your GIG, you even not written anything on the image. My question: what buyer can understand from your GIG image?

Please view other sellers GIG and see how they have created their GIG images and how they have done GIG SEO :slight_smile:

You can get a Good Idea from other seller who are selling same service like you.


In the gig description:
“'ve designed” could be “I’ve designed”

In the basic package “i am provide the most accurate” could be “I provide the most accurate”


And where are there links i can’t find?


At the bottom of the page at the link he gave in his post.
It says:

The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description:

but i can’t find these links in my description

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They aren’t. But other links are. The ones listed in my post (and at the bottom of the page in @blavaro’s post are the only ones allowed in the gig description/profile (unless maybe if you’ve got permission from Fiverr for some other one).

The link also says:

Note: If you use a URL in your Gig, which is not in the above list, your Gig may be denied. Repetitive violations may also cause an account to be restricted.

In your gig look at the sites you’ve listed after " some developed sites:". Those 3 links aren’t in the approved list and so are not allowed (unless maybe if you’ve got permission from Fiverr).

  1. Your Gig’s description contains this:

  1. Open page:
  1. Scroll down…

and see URLs that are possible to use in Gig’s description.

  1. Remove your links or update according to terms.

Done. :slight_smile:

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