Improve my gig please


Hi ,
Some advices on how to improve my gig anyone?

Thank you


There seems to be a few compression artefacts in the gig image, especially in the red parts. Maybe upload a less compressed version.

In the gig description shouldn’t both “English” and “French” have the first letter capitalized even when they are not the first word in the sentence? Maybe also capitalize the first letter of “word” and “excel”. You could also reduce the amount of revisions so it isn’t unlimited, otherwise people may keep asking for many revisions/much more work.

The premium gig says you will work for 30 hours but if someone pays an extra $20 they can get those 30 hours of work delivered in 1 day (24 hours). Is it possible to deliver 30 hours of work in 24 hours? Maybe adjust the hours worked shown if it can be delivered in 1 day.


Thank you for your advices. I made the following changes.