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Improve My Gig Please!

Hey there,

I am new to Fiverr and created my gig a few days ago.

Appreciate any advice and/or suggestion(s) on how buyers will be willing to purchase my gig?

Thank you in advance.


The gig image is an article but I don’t think it really works as the main gig image. It’s also not in the best aspect ratio for a gig image so parts get cut off (eg. since it’s very narrow). I think a 1.619:1 format would work better on the profile/searches.

The gig text says “You need a 500-word article written by the end of this week.” and “you are in the midst of a product launch that is three days away and you require…”.
What if both of those are incorrect?

Maybe in the packages say that the word counts are for articles “up to” that many words.

Maybe say the image is an example of one of your articles. I don’t know if specifying some of the other formats you could supply it in could also help (such as in Word format?).


Thank you for your suggestions. They are some great insights. I will be incorporating the changes shortly.

The reason I added those situations into the gig text is to attract buyers facing similar situations. Then again you are correct in saying that a buyer could be in a situation apart from these two.

I am not entirely sure what kind of main gig image should I use?


You could look at the other gigs in your category/subcategory to get a rough idea of the sorts of images (without copying them). It should be in approx 1.619:1 aspect ratio and give an idea what the gig is about to make people click.


Thank you very much once again. I will definitely look at the other gigs for inspiration :slight_smile:


As I am going through the gig after reading your suggestions, I find this (below) I added in the FAQ section as the first question. Would this suffice for specifying the format of the finished product?

How will I receive my order?
The created article / blog will be transferred to you in a .PDF format or otherwise specified.


Yes that should be sufficient. There are some that specify that they can deliver in a Word document but it should be okay as it is I think.

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Hey Haseeb,

Thank you very much for your valuable feedback. This is truly experienced advice speaking as I have received from concerned others in this thread/post.
I agree to all your suggestions and do plan to incorporate them in the edited gig. I am also thinking of creating more gigs in related niches to better show my presence.

Not to worry. I will not copy your gig as I rarely ever copy my own writing in a second article. I always write from scratch :smile:

By the way, your gig is very simple yet includes all the information a buyer would need.

Thank you very much once again and I wish you the very best of luck too.


Thank you very much! we will stay in contact

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I have updated/edited my gig title but the details in the web-address alongside my userID are showing the old gig :unamused:
How do I change it?

There’s no way to change the gig’s URL once it’s created. Though if you needed to you could recreate the gig. eg. save all your gig details somewhere (Google cache might also have a copy but save it somewhere just in case) then you could delete and create a new gig with the new title/URL (you could copy/paste the details you saved from the existing gig - eg. if you copy your existing gig into a document file).

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Thank you so much. Your suggestions are invaluable to me. I am incorporating changes as recommended by you earlier on.
I am going to do exactly as you say and move this gig into a new one so that the URL reflects the changes. Hope clients will be more drawn to purchasing my gig as I plan to redesign the gig image(s) too :hugs:

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Hi there,

I do wonder, how is one to choose the correct set of words in a gig title apart from the keywords? For example, my new gig title reads: write, rewrite blogs, articles under 500 words
How am I to know if using the word ‘under’ will be more successful in higher ratings and receiving orders as opposed to if I used the words ‘up to’, ‘up till’, ‘till’ or ‘for’?

The Gig title should be suitable for all your packages, your Standard and Premium packages for example include an higher number of words.

Your delivery times and your prices seem too high compared with the competition.


Thank you for the feedback. I will revise the gig pricing and title :slight_smile:

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