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İmprove my Gig Please

Guys i can do video edits but i cant get a order please improve my gig.


You’ll need to provide a link to make it easier for people.

And why no profile photo or image? This is one of the simplest things to do and helps to build a lot of trust.


Indeed no link to your gig for review :slight_smile:

Also I would agree no one really wants to work with an “Egg” As I call them.

Adding some personality and a picture will help people trust you a little more.
Is 101 of online selling, Build trust, make contacts…

These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will do proffesional video edits
In the gig title:
“proffesional” could be “professional”

In the gig description:
“. İf you” could be “. If you”. “Im NotBeACoward” could be “I’m NotBeACoward”.
“. İ can” could be “. I can”
“İ can suggest you first package.” could be “I suggest you order the first package.”

The thumbnail for the video is a black image. Maybe change it to a frame from the video that will show better in search pages.
In the description you could say a bit more about the sort of editing you do or what formats you can deliver in or what resolution.

In the profile:
“packacges” could be “packages”

In the profile it says “because my all packacges are same.” and in the standard and premium package descriptions you say “thats same with basic dont buy this”, despite the running time and footage provided being different in each. I wouldn’t say that in the description. You need to be clear that each package is different.

I agree with the others, adding something for the profile image should help, eg. it could be a logo.

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You’ve got far more patience than me! If the op can’t be bothered or doesn’t have the skills to get the absolute basics right, then I’m unlikely to want to help out to that level of detail. I used to… but not any more.

The other part is that I now feel it is very unfair on prospective buyers for us to coach sellers too much on the basics of English and business. We could make many suggestions to help get the op’s gig word perfect - but anyone responding to the gig will then be faced with a much lower level of communication than the polished gig would suggest.

I used to want to help out newbie sellers in this way until one day it hit me that it is actually really unfair to paint a false picture of a seller’s abilities. All of us on Fiver need to sink or swim on the natural talents we have. Yes, we should share ideas and encourage each other - but anything that presents a false image of a seller is unfair in my book.


Though adding a spell checker to the browser could help prevent some things like the above (eg. like the word in the title) - maybe we should suggest adding things like that. It would also help with keeping any communication correct too. With the Op’s gig being a video editing gig (rather than something like a writing gig) it might not be that misleading to buyers to point out spelling errors, since the OP will in this case be video editing and any text for the video will probably be provided by the buyer.

"Please improve my gig" = “I can not be bothered to search the forums or teach myself what I need to know”.

There are those who need help, who don’t mind putting in the effort to go looking for the answers themselves, then there are those who are beyond help.

I sadly see far too many of the latter here, nowhere near enough of the former.

If people can not be bothered to put the effort into their profile, or their gigs, or even a basic forum search, it makes me think they’re not going to bother putting much effort into what they’re selling.

Let them wave those red flags to those whom have the eyes to see them!

I see so many “Wyh my gig not sell?” style posts when all the OPs failed to miss the bit at the top of the forum index which says “Please search before posting.” if people can not follow that, how the hell can a potential client expect them to be able to follow a brief?

Some people lose the race before they even begin.

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