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Improve my gig to get orders

How can i get my first order on fiverr?
Any tips or rules to follow?


There are here if look for them.

Please search your question before asking it. We’re tired of seeing this question literally every day.

To succeed on Fiverr you need to research and take initiative.


Hey, You need to send buyer request everyday with professional offer and try to available more and more time

I have already sent 170 buyer request and still did not get any order unfortunately.

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don’t worry you need to some market research and open 7 gig.

Right now i have 4 gigs active,
when did you got your first order,i mean after how much time did you received your first order?

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Things will take time. I would focus on just ONE Gig at a time. I have multiple gigs but there are certain ones that get more traffic than others so I put more time and energy into the “winning ones”. Do the buyer requests on a daily basis to get some traction.

Thanks malevoicetalent appreciated

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Make sure you read the tips in this forum
You can find all the tips you need here
So read the tips here whenever you have a break.
You can move forward successfully

First send offer on buyer request in fiverr. every day finished complete offer. and active 24 house then share your gig on social media like Facebook whats app Instagram in relevant groups :writing_hand:

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Check this out:

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Maybe your prices for your quality is to high , or you not log in frequently