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Improve my gigs and impression

please improve my gig
i’ve not got any order for 1month now

Since you only have 21 minutes of read time on the forum, it would probably help if you searched through the many topics already dedicated to this.

I know you aren’t a new seller, but this should still be a good place to start:


If you want to improve your concert, work on its uniqueness and SEO!
gives you a link to a post in which you will learn how to position your gig on the front page:


Advise me to pray. Right now all my gig clicks and impressions are very low. Then day by day the click and impression is decreasing. I don’t know what to do now. Please suggest me a little.

Use this post and check how your gigs are positioned …

also think about what to change in them to make them more inviting for the client