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Improve my gigs as a new seller


Here is my gig:

I am having trouble in getting orders. I send buyer request but something is wrong that i don’t get any orders. I got good impression and clicks as well view. I can’t figure the real problem. If any expert can help me that will be a great blessings for me.
Thank You.


Sadly many sellers are experiencing this. I think fiverr is slowly dying.


Mostly the sellers are on the buyers section. :confused:


I have seen your profile. you are a newbie on fiverr. So you should be patience and activate online BDT time 6pm to 4am. also you can promote your gig via social sharing :slight_smile:


Can you please tell me the meaning of BDT? Didn’t get it there.


Thank you so much for giving me a valuable suggestion. :slight_smile: I am really confused is my gig are done properly or not. But thanks for your review. :slight_smile:


Bangladesh Time :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


You are welcome. Don’t forget to use fiverr app. Quick response is very important for you as you are a new seller


I am using the apps as well. Doing so i got one client that the only client i work with for a project after that nothing is going forward. Its like stacked . :slight_smile:


Don’t worry bro. Please be patience, hope you will success in fiverr journey.


Thanks Bro. It means a lot. Hope you do more awesome work. i have seen your gigs too.
Happy freelancing :slight_smile:


Alhamdulliah :slight_smile: happy freelancing :slight_smile:


I’m not - I’ve had lots of smashing buyers recently! Only getting better from where I’m standing! :slight_smile:


Thats really great :slight_smile:


You’ve got smashing gig images!

Until you get to level 1 and up, maybe you should consider a $5 starter for each of your gigs, just until you start to get more reviews?

Have a look on the forum for UPYOUR (no, I’m not kidding!)

Good luck! :slight_smile:
PS Going to move this to ‘Improve my gigs’ so you might get some more help.


Thank you so much for your suggestion . Hope this might work for me :slight_smile: .


My fingers are crossed for you! If an old (was called elderly earlier in the week (ahem!) bag like me can do well on Fiverr, then anybody can! Good luck! :slight_smile:


Same here! Just wait @luther_martin and buyer will be coming your way. Try making muliple gigs wording that one gig diffently to get yourself out there even more and give yourself more of a chance. Hope this helps :smiley:


So glad to hear it’s not just me @zoedesigns! :slight_smile:


I can assure you that Fiverr is not “slowly dying”.Just because some sellers are gaining fewer orders than a month or two ago, does not mean that Fiverr is dying, disappearing or starting to collapse. Let’s not take the doom and gloom route. Fiverr, as a business, and as a website, is doing just fine.