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Improve my Gigss

Hi all i have been on Fiverr for about 9 months now. I do video editing for game and travel videos along with SolidWorks.What can i do to improve my gigs?


In the “I will compile travel videos for you” gig, in the video at around 4 secs in, the hand and flower fade out but then fade back in again and then quickly cuts. If that’s not intentional I’d change that.

In “I will make simple 3d models in solidworks based on your given dimensions” in the description you describe what’s in your gig images but not really what you do in the gig.

In “I will make a front cover for your book” maybe show a few different book cover examples. Saying “I am getting started with PHOTOSHOP and this will help me gain some experience” probably won’t give the buyers much confidence in the gig.

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Thanks a lot! I’ll take care of these points that you mentioned and work on it.

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At first, You add your gig very attractive colorful/ besutiful pucture,

And your gig title is must be attractive. As other persone see your gig title, This gigs have best service.

And also tag is the most importent.
I think, the gig is do not perform, if all is not perfect.

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