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Improve my offer status and gig requests


I cant apply for offers and Im not getting any gigs ! Help!!


You have a total 2.6-star rating on your account. That is a 52% seller rating. This is well below the 90% rating that you need to have in order to be able to respond to buyer requests. You won’t be able to apply to any offers until you get your seller rating back up to 90%.

The fact that you have a 52% seller rating probably means that the Fiverr system does not view you to be a good, reliable seller, and thus, you aren’t being seen in the search results. Because you aren’t being seen there, you aren’t gaining any on-site orders.

Your only option right now, with this account, is to bring in your own customers, via marketing and promotion elsewhere. Your 52% seller rating is not helping you, at all, on Fiverr. You are going to need to complete a lot of orders that earn you many positive reviews in order to recover from that low level.


I would say at this point maybe it’s better to start a new account. Also, if your gig with 1.9 stars average isn’t doing so hot, maybe don’t offer that gig. It’s better to do something you know that customers find value in rather than something that many clients don’t find useful that will eventually doom your profile.


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